Transport Management and Planning with The Fundamentals of Logistics and Physical Distribution

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Transport Management and Planning with The Fundamentals of Logistics and Physical Distribution

 Author: Kalu Orji Kalu  Category: Logistics  Publisher: Noble Litho Print  Published: July 1, 2023  ISBN: 978-978-950-697-2  Download


Transport Management and Planning with the Fundamentals of Logistics and Physical distribution is a robust effort designed to help students and professionals recognize the multi-dimensional relevance of transport and logistics in the society.  The book made an in-depth explanation, understanding and analysis in transport system, logistics management, distributions centers logistics, e-commerce logistics, delivery management, customer service and quality control, oil and gas logistics,  airport and airfreight logistics, supply chain and inventory logistics, fleet management, international freight forwarding , import and export logistics among other, in Nigeria and globally.

There are 12 chapters and 150 pages in this book. The choice of language is carefully designed to carry the reader along in a comprehensive manner. Chapter 1 introduced transportation system in general terms; the book then presents detailed information on fundamentals of transport management, logistics and physical distribution, with special principles, examples and case studies. The book is meant to promote maritime, transport, logistics and supply chain profession. This text has the following interest group in mind, undergraduate, post graduate, e-commerce companies, transport and maritime institutions, intending transport and logistics professionals, government agencies, transport and logistics companies, port authorities, freight handling companies among others.

We therefore recommend the text to lecturers, students, practitioners in the maritime, transport and logistics industry and the general public



Kalu orji Kalu is a maritime, transport and logistics expert, trained from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). He is a member of Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria (CIOTA).

He has over 12 year’s operational experience in the e-commerce, maritime, transport and logistics industries. His experience spans the whole of transport system, including shipping, third party logistics, fleet management, haulage services, oil and gas distribution, delivery management, international freight forwarding, and air cargo logistics among others. He is consultant to bekgra logistics services, a platform that connect people and businesses for their transport and logistics solutions.

He is currently part time lecturer in some schools in Nigeria and Africa, in the Department of Maritime, Transport and Logistics. He has made contributions to some academic work and delivered lectures in academic and non academic forums. He undertakes lectureship assignment in shipping management, supply chain management, aviation management, oil and gas management, transport and logistics and general studies in the industry.

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